About Us

About Us

THP Panayiotides Ltd is a commercially astute organisation with a personal, partner-led service aimed at entrepreneurial small, medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporates and high-net worth individuals.

Our clients come from many different backgrounds and are active in all branches of commerce and industry. Our reputation is grounded in quality, delivering premium advisory services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Synergy, determination and professionalism are among the key ingredients that make our teams able to handle all tasks assigned successfully. Whatever the size of the assignment, we can provide an experienced individual or team to meet each client’s specific needs.

Founded in 2007, the practice comprises a professional staff supplying a range of services spanning Audit, Corporate Taxation, Private Client Services, VAT, Business Recovery and Accounting Services, together with a range of sector groups offering specialist industry knowledge.

THP Panayiotides Ltd is associated with a number of companies with technical skills in areas such as corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.

All services related to our office are fully computerized and all employees are knowledgeable in handling state of-the-art technology. The basic philosophy of our office is the continuous training and knowledge enhancement in all issue that the office is dealing with.

Work with us and you’ll find that everything we do is designed to meet your needs, to help grow your business and protect your wealth.

Our mission is to serve our clients with creativity, enthusiasm, energy and vision. We mean these words and they mean more than just a strapline. They are a stance, an attitude, a culture.

THP Panayiotides Ltd was formed and grew by having a sideways view of life, understanding tradition but never being a slave to it. Wanting to be a business of characters, acting for characters in business.

And we will never think we’ve arrived. Just when you think the world is settled it moves on. It’s like that for our clients and it’s like that for us. We don’t have the biggest name, so we have to work harder to make sure that when you have heard of us, you aren’t going to forget.